73 fiqhs and Ahle Sunnat

“Awf ibn Malik reported that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,
‘The Jews split into 71 sects: one will enter Paradise and 70 will enter Hell. The Christians split into 72 sects: 71 will enter Hell and one will enter Paradise.
By Him in Whose hand is my soul, my Ummah will split into 73 sects: one will enter Paradise and 72 will enter Hell.’
Someone asked, ‘O Messenger ofAllah (Peace be upon him), who will they be?
He replied, ‘The main body of the Muslims (al-Jama’ah).’ Awf ibn Malik is the only one who reported this Hadith, and its isnad is acceptable.”
And in another version of this Hadith the Prophet (Peace be upon him) goes onto say that the saved sect, “…Are those who follow my and my Sahaba’s path

(Tirmidhi, vol. 2, pg. 89)

Question :
so today let’s suppose there are 73 sections in Ummah let’s suppose you’re one section and i’m another and we both follow Quran  we perform Namaz, we Fast, we pay Zakat, we’ve performed Hajj but the thing is we’re just different sections and just because of having different sections one of us two will enter JENNAH?

how’s it possible i mean both the sections followed the 5 Pillars of ISLAM and followed Quran but because of being different section one of em will get Hell and one will get JENNAH?
today we have too many different different sections i’ve seen em following the same thing but the thing is they’re sectioned, our Eemaan is same but our Aqayed are different.

Reply :

Actually Following Prophet peace be upon hims sayings is referred to as IMAN ..

If u negate anyone we Loose it,
IF we have any Kufriya beliefs we loose it..

EMAAN – is nothing but a set of AQAEEDS
(All that is in QURAN and HADIS )

Now When HADIS does explicitly show their destination as HELL ,- question is HOW inspite of KALIMA and namaz etc..

HOW – should be for the sake of Curiosity and knowledge NOT due to DOUBT that challenges the Statement of HADIS , this is the way i see it

Quran does say about such people who did exist even then
who read Kalima , read namaz, participated in jihad , did every thing what Muslims then did …


1. When the hypocrites come to you, they say, ‘we bear witnesses you are undoubtedly the Messenger of Allah, and Allah knows that you are His Messenger. But Allah bears witness that the hypocrites are most surely liars.

2. They have taken their oaths as shield and they kept back from Allah’s way, undoubtedly, they are doing most vile works.

3. This is so because, they believed with their tongues, then disbelieved with their hearts, therefore a seal has been set over their hearts, so now they understand nothing.

here Allah is saying in QURAN these people who read KALIMA , NAMAZ etc , Allah will never forgive them. Undoubtedly, Allah guides not the disobedients.

so now Since from Quran we know even after kalima ,namaz, roza one can be routed for hell…..

so this Rules out the impossibility which you were asking , hadis does Align with QURAN ..
we now have to Align our understanding …

but we were not left in Dark

Are those who follow my and my Sahaba’s path

what was Sahabas way of IMAN

When Abubakar Siddique raziallhutalanhu was asked what do u say about some one who says he traveled from Madina to Masjid e Aqsa and in short span ???

he asked who said this ?
Your Friend
I testify that this is true, and even if he says he went to skies and returned I testify that ..

When Umer e Farooqe raziallhutalanhu was approached by 2 , one with Muslim name and other jew with a case , to make a Judgement .

jew said before you we had been to Prophet peace be upon him he gave judgment in my favour , he says prophet is rehmatullialameen so to please you he gave judgment in you favor hence we came to YOU

Umer e farooque Raziallhutalanhu Chopped the head of Munafik… ( he did read kalima etc)

Allah Supported by sending QURAN in favor of his judgment …


does believe Allah as ONE ,
he did worship for very long time
he had knowledge

SO what set him to HELL

he did not Accept the STATUS of PROPHET

we came 1400 years later, it is our quest to find out that 1 Sect from the MAP of indications we have … we have to focus on treasure of IMAN and the directions of prophet peace be upon him , loyal to Allah and Loyal to prophet peace be upon him ..

NOT to 72 sects who are destined for Hell

Understanding Sects

Few basic questions that Arise on this topic are
Why cant Muslims be one.

If we get divided in sects that breaks our unity makes us weak against enemies of Islam

Let people who fight for sects do what they have been doing being a common man let me follow all sects or be neutral for all.

Our prophet has given us 1 Islam why shud we divide it.

To start with lets see who is a Muslim
Kalmaa, Namaz, roza, haj, zakat are the five pillars of Islam a muslims life cycle begins with Accepting Allah and his prophet sallalahualihiwasallam and then goes on.

Kalma : when we say we Accept Allah is one and follow the prophet sallalla hualihiwasallam does it mean

Can one say yes I accept All but I will read namaaz the way I like, when I like ?

Or say any other modification to shariyaat, disrespects prophets believe in them but does not respect them ?
If the answer is NO read further on..

So we accept complete set of Shariyat

Not only what suits us and TURN BLIND EYE towards other aspects

If a person who has this kind of Iman is not a Muslim even tho his birth certificate might say hes a muslim his name may indicate hes a muslim,he might be regarded as a priest amongst muslims.

If the hadis by our holy prophet sallalahualihiwasallam refers only 1 out of 72 is jannati , a very simple understanding is others are a gatepass to HELL.

NOW SHOULD WE NOT BE CONCERNED who are those people as this is purpose of life to die as a MUSLIM. So these sects in other words are deviations from the main stream iman and hence were tagged with names for Identification.

Few Major sects as called now
WAHABI ( Deobandi, tableghi jamat, Ahle hadis)
Qadiyani etc

Next step should be to find out what are the differences between these sects.

This is a cornering situation for a layman. or those who WANT TO be neutral

Once we Study each Aspect of sects … we can judge who is right if the GRACE is on our Side…

NOTE : Only those differences matter which are in Fundamentals of Deen – without which or Due to Which one becomes KAFIR

NOW .. MASSES dont care and Lack knowledge, When the enemies saw they send in their Agents in DISGUISE ..

WHO WOULD THEY SELECT to be a SPY and Destroy ISLAM from Within , create sects ??

would they choose a fool – or a intelligent but Cunning guy
one who cannot speak in public – or best Orator
one who knows NOTHING of ISLAM – or the one who knows ISLAM and also knows what people don’t know about ISLAM

IF WE can understand this .. selection we will not fall FANS to TV Orators or follow FAME …

YES AGREED to that fact that getting knowledge or RESPONSIBLE for LACK of Knowledge is WE MUSLIMS , this was Vacuum of knowledge was used AGAINST us

The ISLAMIC University system was Stopped ..
Deen and Worldy studies were separated – THIS CONSPIRACY they named ad MR. and MULLA still recorded in books of British Library

they knew generations further this will lead to Scholars as poor and Everybody else Wealthy
which will make Scholars dependent on Followers !!!


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